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WASHINGTON — Engineering students worried about their job prospects and looking to expand their design experience may want to consider a NASA internship program. The assignment? Design a lunar habitat for future astronauts. The space agency announced on Friday (Dec. 4) that is seeking engineering students to help design new technologies that will be needed to establish a manned lunar base. Top candidates will be offered paid internships with NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program. NASA said engineering students should submit a "notice of intent to enter" the internship contest by Dec. 15. See entry details here. Final entries are due by May 15, 2010. NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program explores new technologies that would be used in future human exploration missions. The program also seeks to reduce mission risk and costs. While NASA still lacks that means to return to the moon any time soon, the development program focuses on near-term technologies that could be used with the proposed Orion crew exploration vehicle. It also seeks to identify future technologies needed for possible lunar exploration missions. Among the technologies being explored are energy storage and power systems, non-toxic propulsion along with envrironmental control and life support.

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  • Joseph Cusano
    Joseph Cusano
    Has every engineering graduate that wants a job gotten a job? If not, then we don't need any more engineers, we need to create entry level jobs for new graduates. When that happens, more students will gravitate toward engineering.

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