Why Summer is Best for Accounting Jobs

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Hiring across industries tends to slow down during the summer months, and according to Investopedia, this is when job applications tend to become inactive. If you are looking for an accounting job, the months when many companies pause their hiring may not seem like a good time to apply. However, research indicates that June, July and August may be the best months of the year to land an accounting job.

According to research from Randstad Financial & Professional, an average of 4.6 people apply for each accounting position in the winter, while just 3.8 individuals compete for every accounting job in the summer months. The business and accounting website Economia states that this is the best time to apply for a position, as you have less competition from other applicants. The study also reveals that the worst time to apply is in December, during which 5.3 accountants are competing for each vacancy. The average number of applicants for the entire year is 4.1 per vacancy, with Randstad's analysis using data that tracked the times of year when 8,600 accountants starting looking for new positions.

Although a highly qualified accountant can find a job any time of the year, applications tend to stand out more during months when hiring managers aren't swamped with resumes. Recruiting firm Execu|Search notes that many accounting firms focus on hiring more staff during the summer for this very reason. When the busy season is over, they have more time to focus on expanding their teams and giving each applicant adequate attention. They may also focus on summer hiring to prepare for the end of the year, letting new trainees help with the monthly close rather than the more complex yearly close.

As for other applicants, many pause their job search during the summer to enjoy time with their families, making it the perfect season to find your accounting job. Many applicants also believe that summer hiring is not a priority for most accounting firms, so they wait until the end of summer to apply, thinking that hiring only picks up in September. Accountants with unusual skills or nontraditional backgrounds should certainly try for an accounting job during the summer months. At this time, hiring managers have more time to give them a chance to demonstrate their abilities before the flood of fall applications comes in.

Statistically speaking, summer is the best time to stand out from the crowd as you apply for an accounting job. However, be sure to apply year-round, as companies may begin hiring for various reasons. For instance, they may need to fill vacancies left by previous employees. Apply for every accounting job you come across, and don't forget to customize your resume for each one to convey sincerity and professionalism.

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