• Biometrics R&D Engineer

    Zwipe America, Inc.Colorado Springs, CO

    Job #636890654

  • Zwipe America, Inc. is currently seeking a full-time Biometrics R&D Engineer to be employed at the offices located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The position of Biometrics R&D Engineer will participate in an innovative research and development team researching, creating, inventing and analyzing biometric data processing methods and algorithms. In addition, the Biometrics R&D Engineer will research sensor types, conduct testing, develop sensor control algorithms and participate in sensor selection. This position requires a Master's degree or equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field and 2 years related research experience in biometrics (in fingerprint, face, iris, or speaker recognition / verification). Must also have demonstrated ability (which may have been gained concurrently) and research in each of the following: (1) research experience or publications of algorithm development and software implementation in biometrics (Fingerprint, Face, Iris, or Speaker recognition / verification); (2) programming in C/C++, Python, MATLAB and a scripting language; (3) graduate level knowledge of image processing, and machine learning; and (4) graduate level knowledge of optimization, and probability theory / random variables. Will accept experience gained before, during or after Master's program. Full-time position in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please apply by sending your resume to info @~~~

    Updated 04/19/2018