• Co-Op Quality Engineer

    Aerocraft Heat Treating CompanyParamount, CA

    Job #684940350

  • Description of Principle Responsibilities and Duties: Maintain Quality assurance records & support the Pyrometry process within the Process Control department. The ability to generate excel and word files/forms will be required. Educational Requirements: Currently enrolled in a four- year university or equivalent. Preferably pursuing a career in Engineering, Fundamental awareness in thermodynamics and materials science. Candidate is expected to be reliable, punctual and responsible as critical processes and information is regularly relayed. Must follow PCC cardinal rules of Safety and Quality on a daily basis. Moreover to attain and develop experience, th eCo-op will be exposed to the combustion system of furnaces. The time, training and resources will be provided fro the Co-op to grow within the Aerocraft family.

    Updated 06/18/2018

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