• Water Resource Project Manager

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  • What We're Looking For Responsible for the leadership and management of a team in support of the project's profitable operation. Responsible for proactively managing the project's technical budget (direct labor and expenses, including technical sub-consultants), schedule, technical requirements, contractual obligations, project communications and HNTB's 4 for 4 performance: delivery of quality work, on time, on budget and to the client's satisfaction on every project. Responsible for gross revenue of <$5m. primary="" focus="" will="" include:="" leading="" (managerial="" and="" technical)="" water="" resource="" design="" teams="" in="" the="" development="" of="" watercourse="" and/or="" conveyance="" projects.="" development="" of="" design="" packages,="" quantities,="" cost="" estimates,="" and="" construction="" oversight.="" completeness="" and="" accuracy="" of="" teams="" design="" and="" calculations="" interdisciplinary="" design="" reviews="" technical="" liaison="" with="" client="" for="" worth="" within="" the="" discipline.="" design="" of="" water="" resources="" engineering="" project="" elements="" including="" hydrology/hydraulic="" studies,="" hydraulic="" models,="" and="" soil="" erosion="" &="" sediment="" control="" measures.="" design="" highway="" drainage="" systems,="" including,="" but="" not="" limited="" to="" closed="" drainage="" systems,="" culverts,="" bridge="" deck="" drainage="" and="" roadside="" ditches.="" design="" and="" analyze="" stormwater="" management="" facilities.="" develop="" and="" oversee="" plans,="" specifications,="" and="" technical="" reports="" and="" ensure="" complete,="" accurate="" work,="" in="" accordance="" with="" good="" engineering="" practice.="" develop="" technical="" resolution="" of="" design="" problems="" that="" may="" include="" performing="" field="" investigation="" or="" inspections,="" detailed="" design="" work,="" and="" detailed="" checking="" of="" design="" computations="" done="" by="" others,="" or="" general="" coordination="" of="" specific="" design="" aspects="" into="" a="" project.="" assists="" senior="" engineers="" and="" project="" managers="" with="" management="" of="" design="" review="" process="" and="" permitting="" through="" outside="" agencies.="" work="" closely="" with="" other="" disciplines="" on="" multi-discipline="" projects.="" preferred="" qualifications="" and="" skills:="" 10+="" years="" experience="" in="" water="" resource="" engineering="" +="" masters="" in="" water="" resources="" engineering="" professional="" engineer="" 4="" or="" more="" years="" experience="" managing="" people="" and="" projects="" +="" mmsd="" experience="" +="" hec-ras="" expertise="" +="" stormwater="" management="" modeling="" expertise="" *ind="" what="" you'll="" need="" essential="" responsibilities:="" +="" performs="" technical="" discipline="" tasks="" including="" research,="" reports,="" design,="" specification="" and="" plan="" preparation="" to="" ensure="" the="" most="" efficient="" and="" cost-effective="" execution="" of="" assigned="" projects.="" +="" actively="" manages="" project="" scope,="" schedule="" and="" budget.="" serves="" as="" the="" primary="" client="" liaison="" to="" bring="" the="" schedule,="" budgets="" and="" scope="" of="" work="" to="" completion="" and="" to="" the="" client's="" satisfaction.="" +="" implements="" the="" firm's="" project="" delivery="" plan="" using="" hntb's="" sophisticated="" delivery="" approach="" (sda)="" on="" each="" project.="" +="" develops="" project="" scope="" and="" fee="" quotation,="" and="" assists="" in="" the="" preparation="" of="" proposals="" and="" contracts.="" +="" coordinates="" work="" efforts="" and="" reviews="" of="" work="" performed="" by="" project="" team.="" supervises="" and="" mentors="" team="" to="" overall="" project="" objectives.="" +="" oversees="" project="" staffing="" with="" departments,="" offices="" and="" divisions.="" +="" performs="" other="" duties="" as="" assigned.="" minimum="" qualifications:="" +="" bachelor's="" degree="" in="" engineering="" +="" 8="" years="" relevant="" experience="" visa="" sponsorship="" is="" not="" available="" for="" this="" position.="" about="" us="" for="" more="" than="" a="" century,="" hntb="" has="" helped="" deliver="" infrastructure="" solutions="" that="" best="" meet="" the="" unique="" needs="" of="" our="" clients.="" with="" client="" relationships="" spanning="" decades,="" we="" understand="" infrastructure="" life="" cycles="" and="" have="" the="" perspective="" to="" solve="" technical="" challenges="" with="" clarity="" and="" imagination.="" we="" are="" far="" more="" than="" a="" design="" firm.="" we="" see="" and="" help="" address="" far-reaching="" issues="" of="" financing,="" legislation,="" design,="" construction,="" community="" outreach="" and="" ongoing="" operations.="" as="" employee-owners="" committed="" to="" the="" highest="" levels="" of="" performance,="" we="" enable="" clients="" to="" achieve="" their="" goals="" and="" inspiring="" visions.="" just="" like="" we="" are="" committed="" to="" delivering="" for="" our="" clients,="" hntb="" is="" also="" committed="" to="" delivering="" for="" you="" by="" offering="" benefits="" to="" protect="" the="" health="" of="" you="" and="" your="" family,="" help="" you="" balance="" family="" and="" career,="" and="" build="" your="" savings="" for="" retirement.="" learn="" more="" at="" ~~~/="" hntb="" corporation="" is="" an="" affirmative="" action="" and="" equal="" opportunity="" employer,="" minority/female/disabled/veteran.="" the="" hntb="" companies="" are="" an="" equal="" opportunity="" employer="" and="" does="" not="" discriminate="" on="" the="" basis="" of="" race,="" color,="" religion,="" creed,="" sex,="" national="" origin,="" age,="" disability,="" pregnancy="" status,="" sexual="" orientation,="" gender="" identity,="" veteran="" status,="" marital="" status,="" genetic="" information,="" citizenship="" status,="" or="" other="" status="" protected="" by="" law.="" in="" compliance="" with="" the="" immigration="" reform="" and="" control="" act="" of="" 1986,="" we="" will="" hire="" only="" u.s.="" citizens="" and="" aliens="" lawfully="" authorized="" to="" work="" in="" the="" united="" states="" (if="" the="" position="" is="" or="" will="" be="" one="" which="" is="" subject="" to="" u.s.="" law).="" we="" will="" provide="" reasonable="" accommodation="" for="" qualified="" individual="" with="" a="" disability="" where="" appropriate.="" work="" authorization="" applicants="" for="" u.s.="" based="" positions="" with="" hntb="" corporation="" must="" be="" legally="" authorized="" to="" work="" in="" the="" united="" states.="" verification="" of="" employment="" eligibility="" will="" be="" required="" at="" the="" time="" of="" hire.="" visa="" sponsorship="" is="" typically="" not="" available="" for="" entry="" level="" positions.=""></$5m.>

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